Memories and ghosts from the past

Country Hits Carousel, mixed media 2005

Country Hits Carousel, mixed media 2005, Oriel Q Narberth.

Country Hits is the title of an ongoing body of work. Memories and ghosts from the past, lost innocence, nostalgia and a feeling of trying to slow down time are all themes represented in a collection of pieces that all relate to each other.

A set of objects associated with contemplative play, domesticity and childhood seem to have been scaled up. Inspiration from the fair, references to peepshows and various themes give the work a dream-like quality with hidden meanings.

The mirrors and distorted images offer new interpretations. These are private places that all of us can identify with in which the viewer plays a part by the very presence of their own reflection.

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    hola pauline
    just had a look around your web site, well done , it works purrfectly and
    I found your work amazing and inspiring
    un saludo

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