Engage Cymru ‘action research project’

Experimenting with clay on the beach

Experimenting with clay on the beach

A recent Artist in Residence Project developed to explore what role artists and galleries can play in young people’s learning and the Foundation Phase, involving children from the early years unit of Narberth CP School.

A beach visit and a gallery visit provided inspiring starting points to motivate the children’s ideas providing fantastic spaces for children to learn outside the classroom.

Reflecting on trips back at school and experimenting with a wide range of materials and new approaches encouraged the children to be confident, independent thinkers while developing their language, literacy and communication skills, creative development and their knowledge and understanding of the world.

Each stage of the project was carefully documented by collecting evidence through photos and quotes to show the benefits of these experiences on children’s learning.

This project was funded by Pembrokeshire County Council working in partnership with Engage Cymru (a National association for Gallery Education) as part of an ingoing action research project to encourage local authorities, artists, galleries and early years practitioners to work as a team developing projects that promote creativity and the Foundation Phase.

‘The whole experience of the beach day was about sharing a tactile relationship with the landscape.’  Project artist

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